Welcome to the GLScene Help Community website!

The wiki content is now being moved to a new content management system. This operation may take a couple of days/weeks, depending on the time I have available for that task. In the mean time, you will still have access to the old wiki, but it will be read-only. No further modifications will be made on the content until it's mostly on the new system.

The new system will bring a whole new architecture to the document organization and will be much more stable and user-friendly : no more wiki codes and difficulties to add links or pictures : it's already powered by a good wysiwyg html editor. The user management is now a real one, that means that every contribution will be really owned by its author. Maybe a wiki could still be a part of that system, but as a real wiki instead of a wiki hidden behind a structured website.

Enter the "Old Wiki" backup!

N.B.: For an unknown reason the main website stopped working... I'm still looking at how to fix this, but anyway, soon, there will be the new version of the community.